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Murphy Delaney Coaching is headed by Nicole Delaney.  Nicole is a qualified Personal, Leadership and Executive Coach with over 20 years’ experience leading teams, developing performance strategies, and motivating individuals to achieve their untapped potential.  Accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), Nicole has developed a range of skills and toolsets she imparts to clients to help them realise their professional and personal goals, and live their most meaningful lives. 

Having spent most of her working life in the corporate world, working in strategic planning and workforce development, in 2013 Nicole went into business for herself.  Using a variety of proven toolsets, strategies and practical approaches, Nicole works with individuals and teams to help them reconnect, establish clarity of purpose, and drive performance.  For teams, the emphasis is on helping team leaders create a more supportive, engaged working environment that facilitates high performance.  Murphy Delaney Coaching provides team coaching and personal leadership services to both SME's and large organisations.  For individuals, Nicole focuses on career path progression, living a more fulfilled and happier life, and achieving one’s goals regardless of health issues or anxieties. 

Having started, developed and driven a successful company employing between 20-40 staff per annum, Nicole also offers coaching and mentoring services to entrepreneurs and start-ups. 

Oftentimes, we are time-starved with pressing demands that do not allow us the space to find ourselves or achieve that inner calm.  However, armed with the appropriate tools we can do this within a matter of minutes.  Experience has taught Nicole that no problem is without a solution, and that which holds most individuals back is usually seated in fear.  Nicole has tailored her coaching programmes to help participants overcome mental blocks and personal challenges to live more successful, fulfilling and meaningful lives. 

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